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UpTop is your local shop on a mission to elevate your day. Our job is to make your shopping experience easy and enjoyable so that everyone who walks through our doors feels comfortable and understood. Do you have questions about cannabis or what you can expect when shopping with us? Whether you’re canna curious or an experienced consumer, we’ve got you.

Shopping At UpTop - FAQ

We’re your local shop: Here when you need us and always ready to lend a hand.

We’ve thoughtfully designed an engaging neighborhood space that not only feels friendly and inviting but helps you discover new favorites and old classics every step of the way. UpTop believes in community and inclusivity. We celebrate and respect our customers and our surrounding communities wherever our doors are open.

UpTop currently offer adult-use cannabis products at our West Roxbury and Framingham dispensaries, and serve medical patients at our Framingham cannabis location as well. 

Our adult-use and medical marijuana products are hand-selected and our dispensary menu is thoughtfully curated. We opt for product quality that delivers a top-notch experience and affordability to accommodate all budgets. UpTop offers an impressive range of:

Pre-Rolls – Perfectly rolled cannabis convenience that is ready to go, including infused pre-rolls and blunts.

Marijuana Accessories – Everything you need to enjoy our cannabis products, including vaporizers, glass pipes, batteries, rolling papers and more.

Flower – High quality cannabis flower from the best growers in Massachusetts.

Vaporizers – From pods to cartridges to disposable pens, we offer the purest vaporizing concentrates available.

Topicals – From skin conditioning to targeted relief, applying cannabinoids topically can offer a range of benefits.

Concentrates – Potency meets function in our range of live resins, full- spectrum concentrates, RSO, wax, budder and more.

Tinctures – Easy, fast and effective, tinctures are a versatile way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis.

Edibles – From chocolates to gummiesinfused beverages to hard candy, we offer great choices for every palate.

Everyone’s experience with cannabis is unique and a lot depends on your intentions, goals and your personal physiology. There are a variety of ways to consume cannabis (see methods of consumption in the FAQ About section) along with many different varieties (or strains) of cannabis to choose from. We take pride in providing you an exceptional retail experience, and our team is always happy to give you a hand in figuring out what products will light up your day. Simply ask any of our staff next time you’re in store, we’re here to help.

Looking to try cannabis for the first time? Check out this article on the Best Strains of Cannabis for Beginners

You do not need a medical marijuana card to shop for adult-use marijuana products at UpTop’s West Roxbury or Framingham dispensaries. However, customers looking to purchase medical marijuana at our Framingham dispensary location will need to show a Massachusetts medical marijuana card or a Registered Caregiver card in order to shop. Find out more information about the Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana Program.

Shoppers from out of state may only shop adult-use cannabis, available at both our West Roxbury and Framingham dispensary locations. To shop at our Framingham dispensary and on the medical side, customers must be Registered Qualifying Patients who are residents of Massachusetts, or their certified caregivers. 

Learn how to register here

Yes! You can browse the live online dispensary menu from either of our Massachusetts locations, make your cannabis product selections, complete an order and then schedule a time to pick it up.

UpTop offers walk-in and pre-order pick up at our Massachusetts dispensaries. Make sure to bring cash with you to pay for your cannabis order, or we also have ATMs on site. Check out the details on how our convenient process works for both walk-ins and pre-orders. 

Walk-In Cannabis Orders:

  1. Check in at the dispensary front desk with your government issued ID and medical marijuana card if applicable (Framingham dispensary only).
  2. Feel free to browse our cannabis products, and when you’re ready, make your way to one of our Budtenders. 
  3. Our Budtenders can show you everything that is currently available including various cannabis brands, strains, and consumption methods, and also make recommendations depending our your desired effect. They can also answer any questions you may have about either adult-use or medical marijuana usage.
  4. Place your dispensary order with a Budtender at the checkout counter.
  5. They’ll quickly grab your cannabis products and you’ll be all set!
  6. HINT: If you want to earn rewards points for every cannabis purchase, you MUST tell your Budtender when you are checking out!

Cannabis Pre-Orders: 

  1. Check in at the dispensary front desk with your government issued ID and medical marijuana card if applicable (Framingham dispensary only). 
  2. Head to the “Pick Me Up” area of the counter where a Budtender will grab your cannabis pre-order for you.
  3. HINT: If you want to earn rewards points for every cannabis purchase, we highly recommend pre-ordering to automatically earn!

We accept cash only. We also have a handy ATM onsite for your convenience.

We want to offer our customers a high-five for repeat visits, which is why we created the UpTop Rewards Program. Sign up today to receive exclusive offers and earn points that you can redeem on future cannabis purchases.

Have friends who would love UpTop as much as you do? Refer them and get rewarded! You receive a FREE UpTop branded item for your first referral and 500 rewards points for every additional referral!

Not sure how to refer someone? We can help!

Follow the steps below or bring your referral in next time you stop by!

1. Login to your rewards wallet by going to

2. Click Refer a Friend

3. Share the link with your friends. Referrals must use your unique link and sign up for our rewards program in order to receive your rewards.

4. Once your referral makes a purchase, the reward should appear in your wallet. Note it may take up to 24 hours from the time your referral purchases to appear.

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