Most of the people who smoke marijuana experience great benefits, but rolling your own marijuana cigarettes can get complicated and sometimes messy. With the right marijuana accessories from UpTop, however, things get easier. If you’re looking to gain the maximum benefits from your marijuana experience, you should consider adding the following accessories.

A Marijuana Grinder

When it’s smoked, marijuana is usually ground down or broken into smaller pieces. It’s kind of like coffee–you wouldn’t make a cup of joe with whole coffee beans right? You’d grind the beans down to get the most out of them. Marijuana is similar, you want to break the buds and/or cannabis flower down to have a better experience. This is where a marijuana grinder comes in handy. 

Marijuana grinders are typically used as a tool to break down cannabis flowers/buds into small, consistent pieces. While weed is commonly ground for rolling spliffs, joints, or blunts, it’s also useful to grind it if you’re using a pipe or a bong. Doing so creates a more consistent burn and a better overall experience. 

Marijuana Rolling Trays

For those who prefer to roll their own marijuana joints or blunts, having a marijuana rolling tray can be very useful. A marijuana rolling tray provides a perfectly flat and smooth surface to help you roll a joint, blunt, or spliff. The purpose of a marijuana rolling tray is to streamline the process of rolling a joint and to keep all of your items in one place while you do so. While many people simply roll marijuana joints on their kitchen counters or coffee tables, using a marijuana rolling tray makes the process less messy and more effective, as the extra weed that often gets scattered during rolling all stays in one place. 

Marijuana Rolling Papers

This likely goes without saying, but in order to roll a joint, you’re going to need rolling papers. You can’t roll a joint out of thin air. Rolling papers are thin pieces of paper that medical marijuana patients and adult-use consumers use to envelop ground marijuana into a joint. While a lot of rolling papers are made out of the same material that regular paper is made of (wood pulp) there are also some that are made of rice or hemp

Generally sold in cardboard packs, marijuana rolling papers come in different sizes, like 1 ¼, 1 ½, and larger. When using rolling papers, marijuana is usually ground up using a marijuana grinder first, then the rolling paper is placed on top of the marijuana rolling tray. The ground marijuana is then distributed evenly on the end of the rolling paper and rolled up easily using the flat surface of the tray. Once that is finished, the joint is usually sealed by licking the end of the rolling paper and twisted at both ends to keep it closed. The goal is to make the marijuana joint even–a well-made joint will provide a smoother and better smoking experience. 

A Lighter

Last, but certainly not least, in order to enjoy the marijuana you’ve worked so hard to roll perfectly, you’re going to need a good lighter. Few things are as annoying as when you’re trying to light your perfectly-rolled joint and your lighter doesn’t work. At UpTop, we recommend that you keep a couple of lighters around to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. 

If you’re interested in discovering the perfect marijuana accessories or learning more about using a vaporizer to maximize the benefits of your marijuana use instead, visit us online or come into one of our Massachusetts dispensary locations to learn more. One of our UpTop Budtenders will happily help you find the right marijuana accessories for you!