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MA Medical Patients - FAQ

In order to become a patient in Massachusetts’ Medical Use of Marijuana Program you first need certification from a qualified healthcare provider. Then you can register for the program, and, once accepted, you’ll receive a Program ID Card to use when shopping with UpTop. Find out how to register here.

Learn more about medical marijuana in the Is It Safe and Effective to Use Marijuana as a Medicine blog

Your registration with the Medical Use of Marijuana Program expires annually. If the patient certification received from your healthcare provider has also expired, you will need to renew that before you can renew your Program ID card. You can renew your registration in the program up to 60 days before expiration. Find out more about the MA Medical Use renewal process here.

To become a Personal Caregiver for a medical patient in Massachusetts, you will need to complete your own registration application. You’ll need a PIN from the patient you are assisting, a valid ID and a passport-style photo. Find out more about the registration process for MA Personal Caregivers here.

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