How to Store Marijuana Flower Properly

When purchasing marijuana, the first thing you’re likely thinking about is how to use it, but you may be surprised to know that how you store your cannabis is just as important as how you use it. In other words, leaving your marijuana out on your kitchen counter isn’t the best idea. Marijuana flower doesn’t […]

UpTop’s Best Cannabis Flower Products

Whether you’re smoking it, vaping it, cooking with it, or something else, consuming cannabis flower all comes down to your own personal preferences. It is kind of like drinking a glass of wine. Some of us like reds, some of us like whites, and some of us would rather stick with beer.  Cannabis plants are […]

Three Easy Ways to Consume Marijuana Flower

When it comes to consuming cannabis flower, most people assume that smoking it is the only way. There are, however, many ways of consuming marijuana flower that are overlooked. If you are interested in learning different ways to consume cannabis flower, read on! We have some great recommendations to share with you.  Smoking Cannabis Flower […]