When it comes to consuming cannabis flower, most people assume that smoking it is the only way. There are, however, many ways of consuming marijuana flower that are overlooked. If you are interested in learning different ways to consume cannabis flower, read on! We have some great recommendations to share with you. 

Smoking Cannabis Flower

Smoking continues to be the most popular way to consume cannabis flower, because it can be smoked in so many ways. For example, you can smoke a joint, a blunt, a pipe, or smoke cannabis flower using a bong. Cannabis joints are made of ground cannabis flower rolled in smokable rolling papers. Similar to cannabis joints, blunts are also made of ground cannabis flower in a blunt wrap or an emptied cigar. Cannabis pipes allow a smoker to use ground flower in a pipe and negate the use of rolling paper. Pipes are one of the most popular ways to smoke marijuana flower. 

Finally, bongs, or water pipes, allow a smoker to filter the flower smoke through water. The effects take place almost instantly and can typically last up to three hours, depending on the person smoking. Many of the smoking accessories listed above are available at UpTop online and in stores. Simply browse our location menus or come in to see which way of smoking cannabis flower works best for you.

Vaping Cannabis Flower

Along with smoking, vaping is another way to consume cannabis flower. Vape devices are simply vaporizers that heat the marijuana and transform it into a vapor that can be inhaled. Vaping has become increasingly popular, due to the fact that it can produce a stronger high. The process of vaping heats the cannabis flower without the combustion effect one gets when smoking. When you inhale the vapor, you’re typically getting something more rich in terpenes, as opposed to smoke. There are special devices for vaping marijuana products that can be found online at UpTop or in our Massachusetts cannabis stores. 

Cooking With Cannabis Flower

Another popular way of consuming marijuana flower is to cook or bake with it. After all, practically everyone has heard of marijuana brownies, right? Cooking or baking with cannabis flower is a little trickier than smoking or vaping, but it is definitely something that people enjoy. When cooking, it is recommended that you choose high-quality, fresh cannabis flower. You wouldn’t cook with old ingredients, so cannabis flower should follow suit. If you’re interested in finding great cannabis to cook with, you can browse UpTop’s website for some great options. 

It’s also important to get the dosage right–a small amount goes a long way! If you’re cooking with marijuana flower, consider finding a recipe that calls for a saturated fat source, like oil or butter. That way, your cannabis flower can bind with the saturated fat in the recipe more easily. The more saturated fat, the better. For example, coconut oil is particularly high in saturated fats, which means it can absorb more cannabinoids from the cannabis flower you use in your recipe. You’ll want to use no more than one cup of cannabis flower for each cup of fat called for in the recipe you use. 

If you’re interested in smoking, vaping, or cooking with cannabis flower, UpTop has a lot of great products for you to try. Visit us online to browse our cannabis flower options or come into one of UpTop’s Massachusetts dispensary locations.  One of our budtenders will happily help you find the right cannabis flower products for you! We look forward to helping you.