Whether you’re smoking it, vaping it, cooking with it, or something else, consuming cannabis flower all comes down to your own personal preferences. It is kind of like drinking a glass of wine. Some of us like reds, some of us like whites, and some of us would rather stick with beer. 

Cannabis plants are grown to cultivate and provide different types of experiences; some are great at helping with pain relief and others may provide help with stress, anxiety, or sleep. UpTop offers a wide range of cannabis flower products. With all of the variety available to you, choosing is really about what experience you’d like to cultivate for yourself. Read the list below to learn more about UpTop’s best cannabis flower products.

Top-Selling Marijuana Flower Products

The cannabis flower products listed above are just a few of our most popular. If you’re interested in discovering the right marijuana flower product for you, browse our locations online or come into one of UpTop’s Massachusetts dispensary locations. One of our budtenders will happily help you find the right cannabis flower products for you! If you don’t see your favorite flower on one of UpTop’s menus, please send us an email at hello@uptopdispensary.com and we’ll do our best to get it in stock for you. We look forward to helping you.