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Mango Punch - Day | Gummies | 100mg


Seize the day with Lotis’ new Mango Punch gummies, combining natural fruit ingredients with a curated selection of invigorating supplements and cannabinoids! This energizing sativa recipe includes B12 (0.25mg per gummy), ginseng (3mg per), guarana (1.8mg per), and taurine (3mg per), as well as five-star THC, THCV, CBD, and CBG—a special combination selected to grant renewed focus and motivation whenever it’s needed most (see below for more cannabinoid info).

20 Pack: This bag contains 20 gourmet cannabis gummies.

Standard Dose: Each gummy contains approx. 5mg TAC, for a total of approx. 90-110mg.

May contain allergens including wheat, almond, soy, coconut, milk, and eggs.

Contains trace amounts of natural caffeine derived from guarana.

Cannabis infused edibles, evenly dosed are commonly sold in multi-packs, which makes controlling your intake easy and reliable. Because edibles are digested and absorbed by your stomach and liver, the activation is often longer than other consumption methods, taking on average 45 minutes, and sometimes up to 2 hours. It is important to start low and slow when consuming edibles so you don't over do it. Take extra caution to ensure edibles are out of the reach of children.

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