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Jimi's Punch - Liquid Live Resin | Vape Cart | .5g


Oregon Silver Haze teamed up with Purple Punch to create this Sativa strain from Cresco Labs, Jimi’s Punch! A terpene profile of Limonene, Farnesene, and Myrcene create notes of citrus, basil, hops, cinnamon, and lavender upon consumption. Patients may expect cerebral, uplifting, and relaxing effects.


Citrus, Basil, Hops, Cinnamon, Lavender


Oregon Silver Haze x Purple Punch

Reported Effects

Uplifting, Relaxed, Cerebral

Prevalent Terpenes

limonene, myrcene, farnesene

Our Liquid Live Resin is sourced from a single cannabis strain. Nothing added. Nothing taken away. We capture the original full-spectrum effects of fresh flower in the convenience of a cartridge. Compatible with all 510 thread batteries.

Onset: 1-5 minutes

Duration: 4 hours or longer

Compatible Battery: 510

Marijuana Vaporizer Devices have been tested for Vitamin E Acetate and other contaminants, with no adverse findings.

WARNING: Vaporizer Devices may contain ingredients harmful to health when inhaled.

Consumers shall have access to the test results of Marijuana Vaporizer Devices including copies of any Certificate of Analysis provided by the device's manufacturer.

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CBD (Cannabidiol) 0.23%
CBD (Cannabidiol)-0.23%
CBG (Cannabigerol) 4.44%
CBG (Cannabigerol)-4.44%
"TAC" - Total Active Cannabinoids 81.91%
"TAC" - Total Active Cannabinoids-81.91%
THC-D9 (Delta 9–tetrahydrocannabinol) 75.25%
THC-D9 (Delta 9–tetrahydrocannabinol)-75.25%

About the brand :

Growing consistent premium cannabis for flower, liquid live resin cartridges, and live solid concentrates. Three different types of strains — Rise, sativas for energy and creativity, Refresh, hybrids for clarity and balance, and Rest, indicas for calm and relaxation — so you can be at your everyday best. Find products at a dispensary near, and their portfolio continues to evolve. With this in mind, Cresco delivers consistent quality, experience, and availability in a portfolio of flower, live concentrates, and liquid live resin. In a world where you can’t find the same thing twice, Cresco delivers an excellent experience you can rely on.

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