Brand: Neighborgoods

Cherry Lime Sunshine (Live Resin) | Gummies | 100mg


Tasting like they were plucked straight from the local community garden, our juicy live resin gummies are full spectrum, vegetarian, gluten-free, and contain zero additives. Featuring the freshest fruit flavors in our Uplift Sativa and Unwind Indica gummies (5mg THC per piece), you get the effects and the flavor you want. Our Relief gummies offer 1:1 THC:CBN or 1:2 THC:CBD options. If you’d rather sample everything our garden grows, give our sample packs (3 pieces) a go, available in Berries and Dream (1:1 THC:CBN), Mellow Melon (1:2 THC:CBD), Blueberry Twilight (Indica) or Cherry Lime Sunshine (Sativa). It’s harvest time in the Neighborgoods live resin gummy garden, and we can’t wait to share with our favorite neighbors.

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