Cannabis Dispensary Etiquette: How to Navigate the Environment Like a Pro

For many people, visiting a cannabis dispensary is an unfamiliar experience and a very unique one at that. It’s unlike shopping at your average grocery or department store where merchandise is laid out in aisles for you to gather up and purchase at the register.  No, at a dispensary things are done much differently. The […]

 Let’s Talk Topicals

From flowers to vapes to edibles, there is a product to suit everyone’s individual preferences and needs. But if you’re not interested in smoking or eating your cannabis, what other options are there? What if you’re looking for localized pain relief without a strong THC-related high? Read on to learn more about cannabis topicals and […]

Typical Marijuana Prices in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, marijuana is legal for both medical and adult recreational use. When you go to a dispensary, like any other product you buy in a store, the price for marijuana products can vary. Different Factors Impact the Cost of Cannabis In 2023, marijuana prices in Massachusetts have greatly decreased over the past five years […]

What Jobs Exist in the Cannabis Industry?

When you visit an UpTop dispensary, you’re greeted by a Budtender, a professional salesperson who has expert knowledge of different strains of marijuana, cannabis products, different delivery methods, and even product efficacy.  Budtenders can provide invaluable advice for your medical marijuana purchase. In fact, the retail workers at a marijuana dispensary represent just one of […]

The Do’s and Don’ts Of Purchasing Cannabis Online in Massachusetts

While ordering cannabis from a dispensary in Massachusetts is legal for both medical cannabis patients and recreational users and fairly easy, there are some things you should know before doing so. If you are interested in purchasing marijuana online, this quick list of Do’s and Don’ts will help make the process go smoothly. Do: Know […]

The Process of Ordering Cannabis Online at Our Massachusetts Dispensary

Due to its convenience, as well as many other factors, online shopping has increased in popularity whether you’re buying a cool new pair of sneakers, a present for your grandma’s 80th birthday, or cannabis in Massachusetts. While finding those sneakers and a present for gram-gram doesn’t come with requirements, shopping online for marijuana products does. […]

Tips for Your First Trip to Our Massachusetts Dispensary

If you have never been to a marijuana dispensary in Massachusetts, the experience can seem a little intimidating, but there’s no need to worry. Generally, visiting a marijuana dispensary is just like visiting any specialty store or boutique in Massachusetts. These helpful tips will highlight what to expect during your visit to make things go […]

Five Major Benefits of Purchasing from a Massachusetts Dispensary

In the past, it was difficult to gain access to marijuana products. Now, thanks to marijuana legalization in many parts of the US, including Massachusetts, procuring your favorite marijuana products is far easier and more beneficial. Here are five major benefits to purchasing marijuana at Massachusetts dispensaries, like UpTop. Buying Marijuana from a Massachusetts Dispensary […]