In Massachusetts, marijuana is legal for both medical and adult recreational use. When you go to a dispensary, like any other product you buy in a store, the price for marijuana products can vary.

Different Factors Impact the Cost of Cannabis

In 2023, marijuana prices in Massachusetts have greatly decreased over the past five years due to a significant increase in supply. This is great for customers, but dispensaries face challenges due to decreased profits and tax regulations. 

There are mandatory taxes on all sales of recreational cannabis and cannabis-infused products in Massachusetts. There is a 10.25% state excise tax, a 6.25% sales tax, and cities and towns may impose a tax of up to 3% for marijuana sales in its locality. 

The quality of the marijuana flower impacts the cost of the product. A higher quality flower is going to cost more per gram than a lower quality flower. Marijuana dispensaries will also often offer deals and discounts, which affects the price of individual products.

How to Save Money when Buying Marijuana

While costs can differ greatly, it is possible to shop smart and save a bit of money when buying cannabis. 

Many dispensaries may offer sales or discounts. At UpTop, we offer a Rewards Program. You’ll earn points with every purchase which can be redeemed for different products. 

You can also save money long-term by properly storing your marijuana products and prolonging its life. It can also help to try different types of products and different strains so your body does not build up a significant tolerance to one particular strain.

At UpTop we have very knowledgeable Budtenders that are always willing to help you learn more about the best cannabis product for you. Visit us online or at one of our Massachusetts dispensary locations. We’re happy to help you!