Brand: Root & Bloom

Lemonhead Delight | Flower | 3.5g


Balanced Hybrid

Lemonhead Delight is a proud outlier of the classic lemon diesel lineage. Created by Freeworld Genetics, this icebox pie x early orange cross blooms into a perfectly balanced 50/50 hybrid. Its flavor profile is an enchanting mix of sharp, zesty lemon and a rich cookie funk. Beyond its exquisite taste, Lemonhead Delight offers an uplifting and euphoric cerebral experience, paired seamlessly with a gentle, soothing body relaxation.

Limonene & Caryophyllene

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About the brand :
Root & Bloom

Root & Bloom is a Massachusetts cannabis cultivation, extraction & manufacturing company laser-focused on creating the best products and experiences–for everyone. They're a friendly (but competitive!) group who enjoys what they do. Their expertise and perspective help us create solutions that go far beyond just a good idea. With a head for innovation, a heart for sustainability, and feet firmly planted in their home state, Root & Bloom are here to ignite the industry.

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