Brand: Garden Remedies | Lotis

Electric Citrus - High Flavor | Gummies | 100mg


When it comes to cannabis edibles, always start low and go slow…That may be difficult with High Flavor gummies so proceed with caution and prepare for flavor.

Do the chew! Sour Electric Citrus gummies have that wildly tangy citrus flavor you craved as a kid, now without all the enamel-dissolving side effects. Topped with a sour coating, these electric green gummies will shock your taste buds with their combo of lemon, lime, orange? kumquat? citrus zing.

High Flavor gummies—flavors you crave with a THC twist

20 pieces, 5mg each

Other Cannabinoids: CBG

Onset: 30-120 minutes

Duration: 1-6 hours or more

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