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Reign Man - Live Rosin | Disposable Vape Pen No Bundle


Reign Man is cross between Gary Payton x Stuffed French Toast. The strain has a piney cream taste with hints of candy providing a relaxing experience. A potent, flavorful strain that's an even-keeled experience for daily consumption.

Standard Farms "All-In-One" Rosin Vape combines the functionality of a high-quality vape pen, a long-lasting battery, and a pre-filled cartridge into a compact and user-friendly package. The Voca Pro device is calibrated to ensure the rosin is heated to the perfect temperature for flavor and vapor. This product guarantees a smooth and flavorful draw from the first inhale to the last. Enjoy a high THC and terpene filled product without the mess that comes with consuming a traditional rosin product.

With its robust terpene profile, our rosin showcases the strain's distinct personality without the use of solvents. With its high, but balanced, concentration of cannabinoids, including THC, CBD, and more, our rosin offers a well-rounded, even high.

Marijuana Vaporizer Devices have been tested for Vitamin E Acetate and other contaminants, with no adverse findings.

WARNING: Vaporizer Devices may contain ingredients harmful to health when inhaled.

Consumers shall have access to the test results of Marijuana Vaporizer Devices including copies of any Certificate of Analysis provided by the device's manufacturer.

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