Brand: AYR | Levia

Pomegranate Punch (Sativa) | Seltzer | 5mg


LEVIA is bringing back the limited-edition Pomegranate Punch seltzer to Massachusetts to mark the winter season.The fan-favorite Pomegranate Punch consists of a hybrid cannabis blend, keeping consumers uplifted and social in a familiar, refreshing flavor. The limited-run seltzer features reimagined, original artwork from Dean McKeever, a Massachusetts illustrator known as “Keever,” who specializes in craft beverage can design. Keever’s design features a snowy landscape with a snowman and homes draped with blues, whites, and pinks to depict a chilling, winter night.

All LEVIA products provide a fast & predictable onset, consistent experience, and no hangover.

Zero Calories , Zero Sugar, All Natural Ingredients

1 serving, 5mg

Onset: 30 - 120 minutes

Duration: 1-3 hours or more

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