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Pax | Era Pro | Jade

The Pax Era Pro has patented temperature control that brings out the best in your oil extracts. You get consistent flavors, aromas, and potency. All without the harmful byproducts of combustion.

Activate one of four temperature modes with Pop-and-Click technology.

PAX Era pods are made with food grade materials and tested to medical standards, certified free from harmful heavy metals, toxins and contaminants. When you combine the pod technology with our temp control, oil is good to the last drop.

More predictability, control, and potency than ever before. This all-new oil vaporizer features a discreet and attractive design that provides an ideal hand feel. The PAX Era Pro™ works with all PAX Pods.

UL-certified for a safer battery experience

PAXSmart™ pods remember your favorite temperature and dose settings, so you can enjoy each strain and flavor exactly how you like it. PAXSmart pod availability varies by market

PodID™ delivers instant access to pod safety reports

ExpertTemp™ sets your pod temperature to the extractor’s recommendation


PAX Era Pro Device

Micro USB Charge Cable

1 Year Limited Warranty

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About the brand :

PAX delivers well-being through pure products, unique experiences, and an unparalleled passion for the plant. For more than a decade, we’ve provided products that are simple, enjoyable, and trusted by millions. We believe in creating sustainable opportunities through cannabis.

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