Brand: Strane

Blue Dream Distillate Cartridge | 1g


Blue Dream is a Sativa leaning cross (60/40) of Blueberry and Haze; it is a classic strain which has a fruity and pungent aroma. It is stimulating, uplifting and energizing and best used as a daytime strain. Note: Blue Dream can be racy and is not necessarily appropriate for those who have anxiety.

When the art of growing quality flower meets the science of producing premium extracts, oil is one of the magical results. Strane’s 510 oil cartridges, with or without the battery, are all strain-specific and celebrate the essence of the plant itself.

Other Cannabinoids: CBG, THCV, CBN, CBC

Onset: 1-5 minutes

Duration: 4 hours or more

Compatible Battery: 510

Marijuana Vaporizer Devices have been tested for Vitamin E Acetate and other contaminants, with no adverse findings.

WARNING: Vaporizer Devices may contain ingredients harmful to health when inhaled.

Consumers shall have access to the test results of Marijuana Vaporizer Devices including copies of any Certificate of Analysis provided by the device's manufacturer.

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About the brand :

Strane has no pretense and plenty of personality. It almost literally winks at you with a set of “eye-cons” for sativas, hybrids and indicas. They're all about the story of each strain, and the needs and tastes of each medical patient and adult-use enthusiast. Thanks for smoking, vaping and dabbing with us.

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