• Directions to our New Bedford dispensary

    5 min (1.6 miles)
    via Shawmut Ave and Hathaway Rd

    Head west toward Shawmut Ave
    > Turn right onto Shawmut Ave
    > Turn right onto Hathaway Rd
    > Destination will be on the left: UpTop New Bedford 366 Hathaway Rd, New Bedford, Massachusetts 02740

    9 min (3.6 miles)
    via Old Westport Rd and Hathaway Rd

    Head south toward Ring Rd
    > Make a U-turn at Ring Rd
    > Use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto Old Westport Rd
    > Turn left to stay on Old Westport Rd
    > Turn right onto US-6 E/State Rd
    > Turn left after Burger King (on the right)
    > Destination will be on the right: UpTop New Bedford 366 Hathaway Rd, New Bedford, Massachusetts 02740

    30 min (27.4 miles)
    via I-195 E

    Head east on I-195 E
    > Keep right to stay on I-195 E
    > Take exit 24B to merge onto MA-140 N toward Taunton
    > Take exit 3 to merge onto Hathaway Rd
    > Destination will be on the left: UpTop New Bedford 366 Hathaway Rd, New Bedford, Massachusetts 02740

    51 min (47.6 miles)
    via I-495 S and MA-140 S

    Get on I-495 S from Union St
    > Head southeast on W Central St toward Union St
    > Turn right onto Union St
    > Turn right onto King St
    > Turn left to merge onto I-495 S toward Taunton/Cape Cod

    Continue on I-495 S. Take MA-140 S to Hathaway Rd in New Bedford. Take exit 3 from MA-140 S
    > Merge onto I-495 S
    > Take exit 19B to merge onto MA-24 S
    > Take exit 17 to merge onto MA-140 S/County St toward New Bedford
    > Continue to follow MA-140 S
    > Take exit 3 for Hathaway Rd

    Drive to Hathaway Rd
    > Turn left onto Hathaway Rd (signs for Hathaway Road)
    > Turn right onto Foxborough St
    > Turn right at the 1st cross street onto Upton St
    > Turn right at the 1st cross street onto Whitlow St
    > Turn left onto Hathaway RD
    > Destination will be on the left: UpTop New Bedford 366 Hathaway Rd, New Bedford, Massachusetts 02740

  • New Bedford Medical Cannabis Dispensary

    Come on in so we can give you a UpTop! Our New Bedford dispensary stays stocked with a massive range of premium cannabis flower, decadent edibles, potent vape cartridges, and more. With our curated product selection, focus on affordability, and friendly customer service, we’re proud to be the marijuana dispensary New Bedford residents go to first.

    Our goal is simple: make sure every customer that walks through our door has an enjoyable, memorable experience. It’s what we look forward to most about our day: seeing cannabis consumers leave satisfied. Oftentimes, they even leave with a new favorite cannabis product in hand. We hope that when you visit or order online, we can provide the same experience for you. Then, you’ll have even more reason to visit again!

    You’ve made it! At Battle Green UpTop, we’re here to build relationships and foster wellbeing as a cannabis dispensary New Bedford has come to know and love. As you can see, it’s clear: We’re proud of the range, quality, and even price of our products. Carefully selected with every type of cannabis consumer in mind, we tried not to hold back. 

    Here, we hope you can grow confident that you’ll be able to find just about any type of cannabis product your heart could be set on. And if we don’t have it at the time, let us know! We’re always looking to add new amazing products to our lineup, accommodating more customers in the process.

    Medical Marijuana Dispensary in New Bedford

    It’s more than just initiating new customers that we’re interested in, though. Rather, the community is an integral part of our philosophy. This plant can do some powerful, incredible things for wellbeing. We aim to be the medical marijuana dispensary New Bedford patients can trust. 

    As a result, we put in a tremendous amount of effort and time into finding top products and ensuring they stay in stock. Someone seeking the plant, especially for its medical benefits, should never have to encounter a lack of access. We ensure the community around us has the access they deserve.

    We don’t even stop there. UpTop wants to make sure you have countless reasons to visit our New Bedford dispensary. Beyond our impressive product selection inclusive for medical patients, the shop itself is impeccably clean. Medical safety standards have always been a priority for us, even prior to the pandemic. When you walk in or even order our products online, you can be sure we use the proper hygiene and safety measures to keep everything clean. This keeps the products, you, and our staff all safe — which is a win for us all!

    But enough about the shop itself. Our friendly staff offers a special reason to visit. We want to brag about our team for a moment! The team we assembled for the cannabis dispensary New Bedford prefers is professional, friendly, and there for you! You can feel at ease knowing they’re here to give you a product recommendation tailored to your needs or offer some cannabis advice based on your interests. No matter what your cannabis query, our team can put together an answer! Ultimately, you can feel confident you’ll discover cannabis products best suited for your needs.

  • Know When Our New Bedford Dispensary Opens