Tips for Your First Trip to Our Massachusetts Dispensary

If you have never been to a marijuana dispensary in Massachusetts, the experience can seem a little intimidating, but there’s no need to worry. Generally, visiting a marijuana dispensary is just like visiting any specialty store or boutique in Massachusetts. These helpful tips will highlight what to expect during your visit to make things go […]

Five Major Benefits of Purchasing from a Massachusetts Dispensary

In the past, it was difficult to gain access to marijuana products. Now, thanks to marijuana legalization in many parts of the US, including Massachusetts, procuring your favorite marijuana products is far easier and more beneficial. Here are five major benefits to purchasing marijuana at Massachusetts dispensaries, like UpTop. Buying Marijuana from a Massachusetts Dispensary […]

THC vs. CBD Marijuana Edibles

When it comes to marijuana, edible cannabis products are an accessible alternative to oils, smoking or vaping. In fact, a research study found that consumers prefer marijuana edibles for a variety of reasons. Edibles don’t produce the same smell as smoking, nor is there any second hand smoke. Edibles are also more discreet and, while […]

Types of Marijuana Edibles and Dosage

The marijuana edible market has experienced rapid growth over the past few years. In fact, market research shows that the global cannabis-infused edible product market is anticipated to grow by $25.27 billion from 2020–2025. This growth is driven by the decriminalization and social acceptance of cannabis usage. When it comes to the marijuana, many consumers […]

Best Cannabis Strains for A Good Night’s Sleep

In a recent study, the Center for Disease Control stated that if you are experiencing difficulties sleeping, you are not alone. According to the American Sleep Association, 50 – 70 million Americans are affected by varying sleep disorders. As sleep is key to both mental and physical health, it is essential to find sleep solutions […]

Best Cannabis Strains for Anxiety

Recently, a panel of medical experts met and, for the first time, recommended that all American adults under the age of 65 be screened for anxiety by their doctors. In fact, according to the New York Times, the percentage of American adults with symptoms of anxiety or other types of depressive disorders increased from 36.4% […]

Indica vs Sativa vs Hybrid: What’s In a Strain?

Indica vs Sativa vs Hybrid: What’s in a Cannabis Strain? It’s one of the most common questions among new cannabis consumers: Indica vs sativa vs hybrid—what do these terms mean and what’s the difference among them? Quite a bit, actually. The indica and sativa genetic groups have, historically, represented significant differences amongst the plants in […]

What Are Terpenes?

Cannabis Terpenes: Types, Effects, Benefits and More It’s a term that’s unavoidable if you spend any time in the cannabis space. Terpenes (or terps) are a component of cannabis plants with a wide variety of functions. Not only do they have a significant impact on the aroma and flavor of a strain, but they also […]

Consumption Methods: Types of Cannabis Products and How to Use Them

Consumption Methods: Different Ways to Use Cannabis With so many different types of cannabis products on dispensary shelves, today’s cannabis consumer has a lot of choice when it comes to consumption methods. But if you’re new to cannabis or it’s your first time shopping in a dispensary, where do you even start? That’s what this […]

What Are the Benefits of Tinctures?

Cannabis Tincture: What Is a Tincture and Why Use It? Cannabis tinctures have become a staple for medical cannabis patients and health-conscious cannabis consumers everywhere. If you haven’t tried this consumption method yet there are many cannabis tincture benefits you shouldn’t overlook. What is cannabis tincture and why should you give it a try? Let’s […]